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          st benedict's catholic school

          st benedict's
          catholic school


          did you know that you do not have to be catholic to be a part of the st benedict's community; we pride ourselves in how we welcome students of all faiths and backgrounds, so please do consider applying!

           our pupil admission number (pan) is 150. places are allocated based on our admissions policy. it is always helpful to complete one of our supplementary information forms (sif) to give us as much information as possible about your child to apply the admissions policy as fairly as possible.

          year 7 admissions

          during the normal trasition process (eg coming from one of our feeder schools) you will receive information via your current school in year 6.

          key dates

          • 31st october: deadline for applications. please apply both via your local county council, and return the school's supplementary information form to the school.
          • 1st march: letters confirming allocated places are sent by the local authority, or are posted online if you have made an online application.

          transferring during the school year

          if you want to transfer to st benedict's from another school during the current academic year (known as an in-year transfer), please get in touch with us for further information and to check current availablity. you will be asked to fill in an in year application form adm1.

          for more information

          if you are interested in applying for a place at st benedict's or have any questions, we would be pleased to hear from you:

          email: admissions@st-benedicts.suffolk.sch.uk
          telephone: 01284 753512

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